Some Emerging Guidance On Finding Key Aspects In Fashions

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He said hed spoken with a physicist about how time and gravity function at the edge of the universe, and the physicists answer was that no one really knows how they work. Its in such ambiguities and unknowns that Whitecloud seems to like to work. How do we see ourselves? he asked. Im trying to talk about our impact, our selves in a real abstract way. Clothes dont begin or end at a cuff, a lapel or a hem: they reverberate into the world, and tell others how we see ourselves. Ideas express themselves in a certain way, he said. Imagine an octopus wearing a sweater with sleeves for each tentacle, and youll see how Whitecloud used a multi-armed sweater to get across the idea of kinetic movement. Whitecloud bought a number of striped sweaters from one of the Listen Community Services stores, cut off their sleeves and sewed them back onto one sweater. He was trying to get across the idea of movement, of all the things our arms do during the day, as if we were looking at the sweater waving its arms in a stop-motion film sequence. Which brings us back to another of Whiteclouds musings. I think creation is like a liquid, its not a solid, he said. Whitecloud will give a gallery talk at 2 p.m.